Jio TV APK Download For Android (V 7.0.4) Free

Jio TV APK Download For Android (V 7.0.4) Free

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Jio TV APK Info

AppJio Tv APK
APK File Size17 MB
Last Updated03 April 2022

Jio TV Apk Features and Specs

1.Picture In Picture (PiP) allows you to watch your favorite sports teams while you’re multitasking or doing something else on a compatible mobile device

2.A drop-down menu in the form of a navigation bar allows you to filter out and sort through channels based on categories and languages

 3.Select, play and pause whenever required

4.Relax and enjoy watching your favorite programming within the next 7 days

5.Watch missed events, shows, movies and more

6.Mark your favorite stations with heart symbols so that you can easily access them at any time in the future

7.Hotstar premium entertainment channels are available by downloading the app from Google Play Store

8.Get an almost unlimited menu of international channels

9.Enjoy multiple apps like Facebook, Hike Messenger, etc all at once on JioTv

Frequently Asked Questions

What categories of channels are available?

Channels categories are sports, music, movies, News, Business, Kids, spiritual, entertainment and Indian regional channels.

How To watch TV channels on JioTv?

You can easily access the Jio TV Apk if you have hired a JIO SIM and a valid data plan. If you’ve done that, using the app is easy – just open it up, select ‘Live TV’ and you will be ready to stream both regional channels and those from other countries!

Which languages channels are available?

We can provide Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese , Kannada and English channels.

How to filter out channels?

As the user scrolls down, they are presented with a two-tabbed screen – one for choosing a language, and another for choosing a category. These categories can be news, movies, sports, etc. For example – if you want to view Tamil news channels via Jio TV app you may choose “Tamil” as your first choice under “All Languages” and then “News” underneath “Channels”.

Can I Install Jio TV APK on a computer?

Jio TV is a Live TV streaming application that can be directly installed on your Android device, for that simply go to “from google play” button and install the app. You can use Jio ID and password to watch channels.

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